19 October 2005

Moving out!!!

Ah! My beloved readers:

("Las Golondrinas" as the musical background)

The time to go has arrived, the crappy Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag blog is now seven months old and it's time to kill it.

There are a lot of reasons, but... who needs reasons when you have heroin? ah... no... haha, that is from Trainspotting.

I thank you because of all your visits, your comments and your points of view. I hope to visit you as soon as possible, but not as often as i used to do it, although this blog will be gone forever.

I hope all what i've showed you remains in you, go and vote everytime in elections and remember me, like the Gansito pie; which, by the way, the maxi-Gansitos are awesome.

Girls, be brave and evil; boys, you must obbey (yes, just like Sergio Andrade used to say in the recordings of Gloria Trevi).

In my profile my e-mail address will be still available for those who wish to remain in contact.

Thanks for doing this blog so fucking amazing!!!
We don't want another Venezuela, die PEJE!!! jajajaja

Yours, with love,
Your moral leader


11 October 2005

Lil' Joke

Mexican Post Office has launched a new stamp with the image of López Obrador, to conmemorate the achievements during his government in Mexico City.

Nevertheless, in everyday ussage of this stamp, has been detected that the stamps don't get really attached to the envelopes, this has got mad the ex-Chief of Goverment, who demanded an exhaustive and inmediate investigation.

After a month of tests and polls, the special commite of the actual government made public the results of this investigation:

- "People spat out on the wrong side of the stamp"

30 September 2005

When future comes to us

When I was young and beautiful i worked in SportsYA!, a sports website that used to be so good. There were few people working there and i had lots of fun, because i worked with my friends.

It suddenly grow up and sYA! was in Argentina, Spain, Brazil, the United States... ufff

It happened the same to it than all the other .com sites at the beginning of this new milennium :P it got broken because of a bad management and now it's not what it used to be. Nevertheless, some of you maybe know it and look what i just found!

These teens from Uruguay with the Peñarol shirt, a team from Urugay which was sponsored by SportsYA!, hahaha what i don't get is why they make Brad Pitt wear it, i can't even imagine he likes soccer.

First, is Brad Pitt that wax figure? It's so ugly! :X Well, if he is, i guessed the future for him if we use that pic with the uruguay babes...

Maybe he will look like Walter, sniff

I also found Walter's clon, haha he was a journalist of Univision in Washington, D.C.jojojo his name is Armando Guzmán

Walter said once that if someone laughed of him would pay for it, so if i break a leg, i burn my face with oil or i die in a terrible way, i make him legaly responsible and you will have the commitment to make the authorities know, sniff

have a great weekend!

28 September 2005

Why oh Lord? Why?

It can't be possible, why?

I hate to chose

Lord of evil against Prince Bastard.
A friend against another
A movie against another
Where to eat
What to drink
What to wear

But this?

Why? What did i to deserve this punishment?
Rafa Márquez vs. Cuauhtémoc Blanco in the athlete of the week in Yahoo!.


I believe in Temoc's innocence and his great habilities to play, the glory of the america team with 27 without losing...
I believe in Rafa Marquez's monkey beauty and his hability to play in defense..


And as today is so sporty... http://mx.sports.yahoo.com/premios/ please vote for your faves

I wanted to write a nostalgic post, but today everyone is in that mood. You better vote


For those who have problems when you access this blog, you can avoid it by using Firefox ;) Rafa Marquez pic is courtesy of Gon, the other i don't remember.

20 September 2005

Thanks, but no thanks

Hello visitors of this crappy blog.

Today I introduce to you, the most tetric, awful characters that have dared to show in front my beautiful eyes. At the beginning i thought it was a result of that new cleaner that made me see hallucinations. Then, i thought it was a lack of food, but i always have great meals! or maybe my eyes are not helpful anymore because i'm getting old.

I recomend that if you have a heart disease, go away from here and come back another day. The shocking truth i'm about to reveal might be tragic for weak hearts. Even more painful than a bikini wax.

Sujeto #1
The first one is the always ugly John Hensley a.k.a. "Matt McNamara" in the Nip/Tuck TV Series, what a disgusting face! his girlie mouth, the nose that seems to have a cheap surgery and his eyebrows... i should shot him... to release his soul.

Sujeto #2
The second is this awful thing, Sergi Alejandro; lead vocal of Miranda! a rock band from Argentina. He has an amazing resemblance with the first guy.

Now, you'll wonder... where do these awful guys come from?

The answer is simple, you only have to see the guy #3. It's a conspiration from the U.S. government, he has put his eggs around the planet, to make a big population with replicas of himself and at last, let the empire rule:


01 September 2005

Records and worst stuff

When we talk about beating records, we can see the most non-sense stuff, just like someone with the biggest quantity of cucaraches in his mouth, who spits so far away a bee and just like that.

If we had to see the record of the most stupid woman in the world, maybe i could get together all my ex-mates in school, they can compete to see who married the most lazy, abusive, cheater or cruel guy.

Like an epidemy, there are some years in which my ex-mates weddings just happen every weekend, a few time later they ask me when i'll be there. Again, a few time later, and with a little exceptions, i find the same person, but doesn't ask the same question, and confesses the wait for the real and true love, because the last didn't work out.

The guys continue their search and they don't even care; girls on the other side with her kids, everytime they get older and bitter, sometimes in the street they just turn their face to other side and pretend they don't know me.

I'd like to do the same look, inquisitive and pretentious they had when they ask me and i see them in the street, that look like laughing of me because i'm alone, as if it were a sin or a failure, but i only smile and continue in my way, if i defined my life because of my so called love failures, maybe i'd had commited suicide or i'd be just like them.

They grew up with the idea that future, happiness and success come together, but together with a guy, kids and pink stories, those i don't like.

Ok, the funny thing of the day is the next one, it might be cruel but i thought it was funny:

In the Guiness World Records website says:

"Most Individuals Killed In A Terrorist Act"

The most individuals killed in a terrorist act, according to the official count from the authorities, is 2,823 as a result of the attack on the World Trade Center, New York, USA, on September 11, 2001.

And close to this, a button that said: "Beat this record"

JAjajaJA! How can they put that! So stupid!

Note: I wasn't laughing of the fact of the record, but the graphic

19 August 2005

The new mexican saint

Hello little friends!, I know that all of us, in the search of personal identity, we want an idol, a role model...

In Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag we always care about our readers, we have done this search for you, you won't have to worry anymore

Let's play and you have to guess
What happens if we add the next items?




Scooby Doo's face
Shit color in his face
one buck hair coloring
What else can you ask?

Why he must be your role model?
Because Fabiruchis does have dignity, because Fabiruchis loves himself and Fabiruchis deffends himself when he is offended!
He always beats back jerks like Facundo, who didn't respect him, this icon in gossip shows and he had the audacity to make an awful doll of our loved and young Fabiruchis.

Now you know, whenever you want an advice, from someone to guide you trough your dark and sad lives, you only have to write an e-mail to Fabiruchis, contodo@contodo.tv, he will answer all your doubts.

P.D. It was sarcasm, eh? :P

15 August 2005

Because mexicans...

...say the truth that blacks don't want to hear

Louis Farrakhan says Vicente Fox was right, "Why are you so foolishly sensitive when somebody is telling you the truth?". (Nation of Islam Leader).

And the truth is, that our lovely president sometimes speaks too much, and sometimes it's so embarrasing, just like the new spots in radio and t.v. to present his new government report.

Nevertheless, I'm surprised that our lovely speaker "el Peje" does not want to debate with "Subcomandante Marcos", but he wants to do it against Madrazo, Creel, Fox or Salinas.

Don't be afraid dear Peje, I'm sure nothing's gonna happen to you, or is it that your fake left party is afraid that Marcos shows all your dirty?

Yeah, Maybe Fox is a complete dumb like a lot of people think, but at least he is not afraid of saying what he thinks. Very bad Peje, I thought you were braver.

Maybe you should apply femenin psychology, if you wear a new oufit it might give you the courage to argue with Marcos. Maybe you'll be as lucky as Fox, and at the end, somebody that has nothing to do with you will give you the reason, but I doubt it.

12 August 2005

New Service!

That's right! You! our customer in the 1-900-bellota service, will have access to our new service!

It doesn't matter if you are ugly, have low self-steem and not talented!!! We will help you!

Our friend, Jorge Kahwagi is a sample that our service actually works! and he has decided to show some images as his testimony.

By a reasonable amount we can get you a girlfriend, no problem if you look like a monkey!

This is available for a month, as long as you show the money! We have the hottest girl in the entertainment business!

We also can give you a world championship in any sport you want!

But, if you wanna fly higher, don't worry! We can also give you a place in the house of representatives!

You will be able to hang out with our politics high society! You can have some babes thanks to friends like "El niño verde"

Remember! you shall dial 1-900-bellota, our psychics will help you to obtain everything you want!


11 August 2005

I believe everything they say me

Mojo Jojo told me he was short, very short
My mom told me he looked like a pre-history singer
What happens if we combine the next?

The hair and height of Lord Farquaad...

Camilo Sesto's good look...



Juar juar juar :P

08 July 2005

La solución a sus problemas

Do you have not enough money?
Do you have your own business and it is not productive?
Do you have an innovating product but you don't know how to make it successful?

A service to the community of
"Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag"
Call 1-900-bellota and our specialized psychics will give the answer to you, it's conformed by Jesse Jackson and Jorge Serrano Limón.

That's it! All your problems are over. Call now and our psychics will give you the strategy to follow to make of your product a complete commercial success!.

The success achieved by our team are the post stamps of "Memín Pinguín", now the number one of the stories has been relaunched!; as well as the bad, but successful film "El crimen del Padre Amaro".
Soon you will see that the success will arrive at your life.

Just call 1-900-bellota. The cost of the call is 4.00 dollars plus taxes. It will appear in your phone bill like "PM Success".

Neither Madame Sassú, nor Walter Mercado, nor Adivinas del amor. Only us can give you the true real solution to your problem!

Jorge Serrano Limón will send you a personalized thong, if you prove that you have used our service. You only must send a fax of your phone bill.

The next success of our equipment will be Rarotonga in post stamps.


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